We believe in architecture as the careful, conscious and critical relationship between human beings and the planet. Through architecture, from brands to masterplans, we want to change the world for the better.

We also believe that only the holistic integration of thought, imagination, technology and empathy can help us overcome the challenges of our time. The tale of Modernity is over and the new story is for us to write.




We design human centred workspace, ethical fashion stores, post-carbon strategies, emotional brand experiences, hospitality art, residential development, circular economy masterplans, inclusive public space, co-working hubs, mixed use density, smart city plans, schools,

urban regeneration, timber construction, performances and installations, art exhibitions, conversion of former military warehouses, monasteries and industrial compounds, local and rural development, nurseries, care homes, smart city, furniture and sailboats.




Diversity, intelligence and passion bring together our team made of architects, designers, planners, economists, programmers, cost and project managers. We support each member of our team fulfilling her potential as a human being.

Marcel Mauer is part of a wider network of world level companies and consultants, from poets to plumbers, and active partner of CAIRE Consortium, an award winning international multi-disciplinary built environment consultancy group.



The vision behind architectural practice Marcel Mauer is loosely based on the work, the thought and the life of European genius Marcel Mauer.

The veil of mystery around his biography, contradiction among sources and uncertainty about Marcel himself mean for us continuous research, study and interpretation, for which we are grateful.


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United Kingdom
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Antonio Pisano - Director

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Lorenzo Baldini - Director

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Andre Salonia - Senior Architect